How To Use A Press Release in 2016

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Press Releases

Press Releases are a great way to not only promote your website, but also your business too. However it is very easy to over-optimize your website by using them because of how many links the generate.

You want to make your link building efforts look as natural as possible. By taking the following steps when setting up your Press Releases you can make sure to receive the best results possible:


Natural Anchors

The anchor text of a link is the visible and clickable text of a hyperlink.

“Natural Branded Anchor Text” is an SEO term used to describe anchor texts that are not a specific keyword. Examples of these natural anchors are:

  • Website URL (
  • Business Name (Attracta)
  • Click Here
  • Learn More

We suggest using these natural anchor texts for Press Releases in order to prevent over-optimization. PR’s typically generate hundreds of backlinks so it is important to make them look as natural as possible. If you place your keywords as your anchor texts for this product, the search engines may view it as you attempting to fake the system.

No-Follow Links

By assigning your links as “no-follow” you are essentially telling the search engines to not follow that link back to your website. Yes, this means that a Press Release alone may not increase rankings. However, just because a link is no-follow does not mean Google and other search engines completely ignore it.

If you analyze your website on any backlink checker, no-follow links will be shown. This is a good indicator that they still hold some value. It’s also important to note that the highest authority sites that might pick up your release are most likely required to have all links on their site to be “no-follow”. So if you set your links to be followed those high authority sources may not post your release on their site.

Now while having a Press Release and setting the links to be “no-follow” may not increase rankings on it’s own, doing this in the beginning of a link building campaign has shown the best results over the long run. This is because it shows the search engines that there was a newsworthy event that occurred prior to people linking back to your site.

 No Follow Links copy

Diversifying Backlinks

Press Releases are a great way to diversify your website’s backlink profile. These links will be “no-follow” and also placed on high authority websites. So while you definitely don’t want your entire back linking campaign to based on Press Releases, it is a great way to build authority in the long run.

Lets not forget that Press Releases are also extremely beneficial for building your website’s or business’s brand. You share the article from your PR with potential customers which will help to boost your overall authority.

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