Guest Posts

Quality In-Content Links From High Authority Domains

What are Guest Posts?

By ordering a Guest Post, you will be receiving a high quality, natural, white-hat links to your website. With Guest Posts, we will manually reach out to websites specific to your niche, secure you a spot, and carefully create an optimized article for your site and keywords.
Not only will these links help boost your rankings, they can also become a natural source of traffic to your website!

High Authority Links And Quality Content!

Content Specific Links

With Attracta’s Guest Posts, you will get nature links place in content that is optimized for your keywords and niche. This is extremely important because it will show search engines that the links you are receiving are legitimate, and also high authority.
This authority and relevance is a great way to add natural links to your link profile.

How It Works

Step 1.

Give us your URL, keywords, and any special instructions you may have.

Step 2.

Sit back and relax while we manually contact publishers and get your links placed. We will also create a high quality article optimized for your keywords

Step 3

Once your post is published, you will receive a report that details all of the work that has been done.

Guest Post Packages

DA 10+ Posts


High Quality Article

1 Keyword/1 URL

DA 10+ Link

DA 20+ Posts


High Quality Article

1 Keyword/1 URL

DA 20+ Link

DA 30+ Posts


High Quality Article

1 Keyword/1URL

DA 30+ Link

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept all niche’s?

For the Guest Posts, there are some niche’s we cannot accepts which are:

  • GEO Based Keywords. Many publishers do not accept these because they do not look natural in a sentence.
  • Adult, Pharma, and the grey niches
  • Sexual orientation based niches
  • Casino/Gambling
  • Foreign (non-English) keywords

What is the turnaround time?

It is currently 30 days for us to get your article posted. With Guest Posts we truly focus on quality when it comes to the authority site and your article. There are times when it will be less than 30 days.

What keywords can I use?

For Guest Posts you can use whatever anchor texts you would like as long as they can fit naturally in a sentence. However, we recommend not doing the same keyword if you are using more than one post.