Learn How to Increase Sales from Your Website

A FREE video series from Attracta

Presented by experts from the Attracta Managed Services Team

  • joeJoe Knipp
    Director of Product Development
  • Greg Webb
    SEO & Online Marketing Expert
  • Phil Murphy
    Conversion Optimization & SEO Expert

Free Videos

1. Website Must-Haves

Watch Now – 31 minutes

This webinar covers the basics of increasing sales on your site – including the items that you absolutely must have on your site before doing anything else. If you don’t include these important items in your plan for updating your site, you aren’t likely to see success.

2. Conversion Optimization & Designing for Sales

Watch Now – 20 minutes

In this webinar, our engineers provide useful tips on how to get a great looking design for your website, and how to build a site that encourages your visitors to buy. Additionally, we cover A/B testing, conversion optimization, and other techniques you can use to increase the effectiveness of your site.

3. Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Watch Now – 27 minutes

Our team invites a special guest and PPC expert to go over paid advertising in Google AdWords – with tips about how to increase click-through rates, reduce costs, and get the most for your paid advertising dollar. Learn tricks for creating good landing pages and optimizing your bids in an effort to increase sales without breaking the bank.

4. Retargeting

Watch Now – 25 minutes

The Attracta experts cover retargeting on the web and on Facebook – a powerful way to engage with visitors and greatly increase sales, at a cost that’s normally much lower than regular PPC. We cover what retargeting is, how it works, and some secrets that experts use to maximize your ability to reach out to past site visitors and customers.

5. Social Media Marketing

Watch Now – 31 minutes

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to use social media specifically to sell your products and services. We dive in to a review of powerful marketing tools such as Pinterest, as well as an analysis of the best ways to use Twitter and Facebook to sell. You’ll sure to find new ways to market your site to not only your existing fans, but new customers, too.

6. Email Marketing

Watch Now – 38 minutes

Our team reviews how to use email marketing campaigns successfully in your business, not only as informative newsletters, but also to sell products. You’ll see an analysis of what makes for a good email campaign, learn how to target and segment your customer list, tips on copywriting, and more.

7. Local SEO

Watch Now – 20 minutes

Our SEO experts review Google’s new “My Business” area, as well as how to get your site ranked in the local search results in your town. We cover the importance of accurate data in business directories, as well as ways to increase your authority in the local rankings – perfect for “brick & mortar” businesses.