Offer Attracta’s Powerful Tools to Your Customers


Attracta’s powerful SEO tools integrate perfectly with the cPanel web hosting control panel. That’s why Attracta has been installed on more cPanel servers than any other plugin!

Adding the cPanel plugin to your server and offering your users an easy way to access our powerful and free tools is an excellent way to add value to your existing web hosting offering.

Installing the plugin is easy, and just takes a few minutes. Please note that you must have “root” access to your server to install the plugin.

Step 1

Log in to your cPanel server via SSH and run the following commands as root. This will download the latest version of the Attracta plugin and start the installation.

wget -N
sh cpanel-install

Step 2

The cPanel plugin has now been installed; if you log in to a user account, you’ll see the new “Attracta SEO Tools” section in their control panel, with quick access to all of the powerful tools available from Attracta.

Your users may already be familiar with Attracta, but if they aren’t now is the perfect time to promote the new features to them – try sending an email to your users to announce the availability of Attracta in their cPanel interface!

Step 3

Want to take your Attracta integration to the next level and become an official Attracta Hosting Partner? We’ll list your business in our exclusive Hosting Partner Directory, and help you promote Attracta to your users.

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