How to Build High Quality Backlinks

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SEO research confirms that quality backlinks are the backbone of website rankings.

This means that you have to strengthen your link-building efforts if you want your campaigns to succeed. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the game or you’ve been around a while. You should make it a priority now.

But how do you get backlinks that work?

Don’t give in to the temptation of using black hat tactics to get easy backlinks. They are unethical and not helpful in general. They are risky, too, in that your ranking will receive a drastic decrease if you’re found out.

White hat backlink-building assures you quality backlinks that can benefit you long-term.

Let’s look at the different ways to build backlinks!

Write for Authoritative Websites

64% of bloggers write for more than one site.

Guest blogging is a cheap way to build quality backlinks – but only if done right.

You don’t have to write for every blog that offers. Choose those that have authority in your niche. Also, invest in smaller blogs that have the potential to market you in the long-term.

It’s also important to note that you’re not guest posting merely to generate backlinks. Your articles should benefit the reader as well. Delivering a targeted and well-written post is still the best way to earn quality backlinks.

A good bio is also a tremendous help. At the least, it should include your name, a nice picture of you, and a few anchor texts you can use to link to your website. You can also add a “subscribe to mailing list” link plus your public social media profiles.

Use Social Media

There are over 800 million Instagram accounts and 2 billion Facebook users. That’s a potentially large crowd to reach out to with each post you make. If you want your backlinks to gain traction then you should make good use of this platform.

Social media is a tricky platform – your focus isn’t only to create quality content but to also make it engaging. You want to grab people’s attention to encourage sharing and commenting. This increases the rate of people clicking on the link.

Each platform performs in a different way too. You can use hashtags for creative backlink strategies on Twitter and Instagram but not so much on Facebook. You can focus on short video ads on Facebook but focus on static images on Twitter.

Produce High-Quality Content

If you want quality backlinks, you have to offer quality content. Creating posts just for the sake of it won’t get you websites that would want to link to yours.

A well-researched article makes the difference between your SEO campaign’s failure or success. A whole website with garbage content may get many visitors. But if you don’t have something valuable to offer your visitors, any campaign won’t work.

So what makes a high-quality post?

First off, your article should be original. It’s okay to look at other resources for your research, but the post should be something you can be proud to call your own.

A strong headline also helps, but refrain from using “clickbait-y” titles that scream mass-produced content.

As for the article itself, it should have the answers you promised in your title. Make sure your facts are accurate with legitimate sources. Engage your readers, but keep it concise and straight to the point.

It goes without saying that the article should be well-written. Brush up on high-quality SEO techniques to increase your post’s visibility.

Make Infographics

People want answers, and they want it fast. In this regard, keep in mind that a picture is worth a thousand words and you can use pictures and words together with infographics.

You can use infographics to get the job done because they eliminate all the fluff and reveal nothing but the core information people look for. Adding infographics to your articles will help you get quality backlinks. Visual elements add value to your content and it engages your readers.

Other websites may also use it for their articles. If the infographics are aesthetically pleasing and well-made with accurate data, it will have better chances of appearing on other websites. And of course, if they use it, they’ll have to link back to your website.

You don’t have to be a graphics design wizard to create infographics. You don’t need Photoshop either. There are websites that offer an easy way to produce infographics for free or for a small fee.

Find Broken Links

This method may sound like it requires a lot of time. It involves finding broken links on relevant websites, but it doesn’t have to be too time-consuming.

A broken link leads to a web page that’s no longer available or may have moved to a different address. It is an opportunity for you to ask the webmaster to have it link back to your web page instead.

To find one, determine first which websites you’d want linking back to yours. Then, use a service like Ahrefs that gives you a rundown of the broken links on a website.

When you locate a broken link, find out if you have the resources to replace it. If you have published quite a number of content, there’s a good chance that you have one that the webmaster can use in place of the broken link.

This method only reiterates why you need valuable content. You want the websites to happily link back to your posts.

Read Valuable Resources on Quality Backlinks

You can get ahead of your competitors by using these white hat strategies we’ve outlined above. You can create a strong linking profile that will boost your site’s ranking and generate better visibility and more profitable conversions.

But is that all?

To learn more about creating quality backlinks, it helps to read relevant resources. You can learn more about SEO and its best practices, as well as other must-knows for online businesses.

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