Fatal Traits to Exclude From Your Next SEO Campaign

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Are you sitting at that exciting point between advertising campaigns? Whether you are new to the world of SEO or consider yourself to be an old hand, one thing is for sure: no two campaigns are the same. Not when the world of SEO changes as readily as it does right now. This means that there are always lessons to … Read More

A Clever Guide to Start Utilizing Attracta SEO Tools

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The global SEO industry is worth¬†somewhere north of $65 billion, with no signs that it will slow down anytime soon. Unfortunately, because of the size and potential for revenue growth, the industry has attracted some “hucksters” who don’t necessarily know their game, over-charge for services, and don’t improve site or on-page rankings for clients. Many are looking for an option … Read More

7 Onsite SEO Hacks For Ensuring the Best SEO

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“The best life hack of all is to put the work in and never give up.” — Bas Rutten, UFC Heavyweight Champion. (Of course, a little ground-and-pound probably wouldn’t hurt!) For businesses on the never ending quest for the best SEO practices, Rutten’s advice hits the mark. To boost your site in rankings, to have a solid presence in SERPs, … Read More

How the Top Websites Boost Quality Traffic to Their Sites

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There are always going to be clever tricks to get traffic to your site. But if you’re interested in turning clicks into cash, you need quality traffic. The “quality” that’s referred to here is the ability to make money off of visitors to your site. Quality clicks come from likely buyers in your target demographic. Bonus points if these clicks … Read More

Google’s New Mobile Index

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Mobile Index

Google’s New Mobile Index   At the Pubcon conference this past month, Google announced that they will be adding a new mobile index within the next few months. We still don’t know exactly how the index is going to be implemented, but it is something to take into consideration for your website while you have the time.     However, … Read More