Why is there a charge on my credit card?

Welcome to Attracta, Inc. You’ve most likely clicked this link because you see a charge on your credit card that you do not recognize.

Who are you? What do you do?

Attracta is the world’s most popular way to help your website succeed. We partner with more than 1,700 web hosts to provide their customers with SEO and e-Commerce services to improve the visibility of websites, and have over 4 million satisfied webmasters using our tools.

Okay, so what’s the charge for?

Most of our services are subscription based and will renew at the end of the subscription period. These can be monthly or annual subscriptions, so here are a few common dollar values and services to help jog your memory:

Common annual renewal amounts:

  • $143.40 USD – Turbo100 sitemap submission service
  • $95.40 USD – Turbo20 sitemap submission service
  • $180.00 USD – ProLinks50 directory link service
  • $60.00 USD – ProLinks10 directory link service

Common monthly renewal amounts:

  • $149.00 USD – Basic Managed SEO
  • $299.00 USD – Standard Managed SEO
  • $599.00 USD – Premium Managed SEO

I still don’t recognize you.

Ask around your office, especially if you have a company credit card. Most likely, one of your coworkers bought services for your company website or domain. If you own a personal website, or are not in an office setting, our support team can help you find the cause for the charge. Just send us the date you were charged, amount, and last four digits of the credit card to support@attracta.com and we will provide you with your account information as soon as possible.

Where can I get an invoice for my records?

If you have one of the standard Attracta account upgrades (Turbo, ProLinks, Link Blast, etc.), you can log into your Attracta account and view your invoices here. The invoices can be printed for your records and will show the charges made each month. If you’ve forgotten the password for your Attracta account, you can reset your password here to gain access.

If you have one of the premium Managed SEO packages ($149/mo, $299/mo, $599/mo), your invoices are sent to your registered email address each month along with your white-glove status updates. If you require another copy of an invoice to be sent, or if you need more information about an invoice, you can send a request to the Managed SEO team (managedseo@attracta.com) or the standard support department (support@attracta.com) and we can assist you as soon as possible.

How do I cancel or get a refund?

Our support team can assist you with cancelling your upgraded services or receiving a refund for any charges, and can be reached at support@attracta.com. Most services can be refunded within the first 30 days, including renewals. Please remember that these products are helping your website to rank higher in Google, and removing these SEO services without careful planning of an ongoing SEO strategy could lead to rapid reduction in rankings or a loss of customers/business. Our support team can answer any additional questions you may have about the upgraded services, and the cancellation and refund policy is also available for review.