use to submit every URL of your site directly to search engines using XML sitemaps
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Sometimes, the best things in life are free!

Case in point: Attracta's Free SEO Tools.

Over 3 million small businesses, just like you, have used Attracta's free SEO service to increase their search engine traffic.

How do we do it?

First, we start with an SEO Review of your entire website...

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Google Blacklist Check - This tool will verify that your website has not been flagged by Google as containing malware, spyware or viruses. Being on this Blacklist will keep you from being included in Google's search results as well as block all search traffic to your site. Of the nearly 1,000,000 websites on this list, most of them don't even know they are on it. We make it easy to find out!
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Get in Google - This is the core service of Attracta's Free SEO Tools. With a single click, our advanced crawlers will create a detailed XML Sitemap of your website, cataloging every page and every link. This properly-formatted XML Sitemap is then sent directly to Google, Yahoo!, Bing and Ask. This ensures that all of your site's pages are indexed in the major search engines.
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Link Building - One of the major components of effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is building backlinks. Backlinks are links, on other websites, that point back to your site. Attracta's free Link Builder tool easily allows you to create up to three high-value backlinks to your website by being included in our highly trafficked Business Directory.
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See Your New Listings - Once you've completed the other steps, view your site's actual live listings in the search engines.
Apps that make
any site better!

Imagine being able to add JavaScript Apps like Google Analytics to your website with a single click.*

With Attracta SEO Apps, you can! Usng Patent-Pending technology, Attracta will bring amazing new functionality to your website without you having to edit a single line of code.

Through our integration with cPanel?, the world's leading web hosting control panel solution, Attracta can "inject" powerful new features into your website before they get to your users' Web browser.

Apps like Google Analytics, which previously required you to manually place JavaScript code into each of your site's pages, can now be added with one click. Powerful stuff.

And because Attracta never actually alters your website's pages, apps can be turned off just as easily.

Attracta SEO Apps - Truly, One-Click Easy!

* One-Click App installation requires that your website be hosted with a webhost that uses the cPanel Control Panel. Enquire with your webhost if you are unsure.
Does Attracta work? Get even faster results with value-packed upgrades.

Your Free Attracta account is full of powerful, valuable features that can increase the search rank and success of any website or blog.

In addition, for those who desire the most dramatic results, delivered as quickly as possible, we also offer a suite of upgrades as well as fully-managed SEO campaigns.

  • Automatic, weekly Sitemap Submission to up-to-100 Search Engines
  • Rank building, keyword-based backlinks and blog posts
  • Fully-managed SEO campaigns that move you to the top in under 90 days

  • Also, get details of complaints or any scam that can affect your website's reputation.

    Attracta's Free SEO Tools

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